How to enable Use Embree option via windows CMD?

I wanted to know is there an option to enable Use Embree option using the windows CMD? I went through the command line options and didn’t find any. May be I am missing something. Any help on this will be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

I’m unclear what you are trying to do

  1. You’re building blender and want to enabled it in the build system
  2. You have your own build of blender, have enabled it in the buildsystem already and now want to use the embree stuff when doing cli renders
  3. you have a buildbot build and wonder how to enable the embree stuff?

Hi, Thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for late response from my side.

Actually I was rendering some scenes with Blender and I enabled the Embree option while doing this. I wanted to automate the task of rendering like writing a batch script for that. I wanted to know if there is any command line options which will allow me to enable/disable Embree while rendering a scene. I went through the command line options and haven’t found anything as such.

I hope I could make it clear.

Thanks a lot.

I don’t have a blender build with embree currently, but if you go into the user preferences and turn on the developer options and python tooltips, it should give you a piece of python you can use to change a setting once you put your mouse cursor on top of it, you could feed that to a --python-expr on the command line.

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Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your efforts. :smiley: