How to develop a custom modifier?

I would like to make addon for a new modifier type. However, I can’t expect users to compile their own Blender from source. What are my options, besides giving up on modifier idea and making menu somewhere else?

Modifiers are very suitable for what I want, as they are sort of overlay over original object, a functionality that would be great for my purposes. I need printable object made of planes made of loops to overlay standard Blender object it shadows.

Unless you are willing to build the feature/API and support the code long term for modifier add-ons I don’t think there is a way. As far as I know, anyways.

Thank you. I got it. Python only.
Or maybe I don’t understand. You mean I should compile the feature into Blender and what exactly? How do I maintain it long term and why, provided it isn’t buggy? Maintain for whom, how will others use my compiled version of Blender if it is on my HDD?

Ahh, API to access modifiers.

I can’t afford it. My path leads me elsewhere. I will see what I can do with menus and Python. My goal is to make a printer. Sharing part of my work is not necessary. I thought it would be nice of me.