How to build a release version of Blender for Windows

I’ve got a branch of Blender that I’m attempting to distribute with Graphicall, everything works locally when running either make developer or make release, but zipping up and distributing the ./bin/Release folder is causing missing dll errors.

Is there a script which packages up Blender ready for release?

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You’re making it somewhat hard to help “missing dll” isn’t that helpful, what dll is missing?

so now i have to guess…

I’m guessing it is upset about vcruntime140_1.dll if that is the case, that’s a known bug in cmake, update your cmake and you’ll be good to go.

if that is not the case please explain what the problem is in more detail

Edit: read the spectral thread, it’s definitly the vcruntime dll, update your cmake!

It was more of a general question about what the standard process for packaging blender is, I can’t imagine it is down to hand picking files from the build directory.

But in this case I think your suggestion will help me either way, thank you!

General packing is done by cpack (comes with cmake) for a GraphicAll build where there is size limitations virtually all builds are packed with 7 Zip, ie run:

cpack -G 7Z

in your build folder.

However since cpack relies on information from the INSTALL phase of cmake, if you cmake is outdated, it too would have missed that one runtime dll

Hey @LazyDodo, thanks for the pointer, I updated cmake and rebuilt, but I get this error when running cpack -G 7Z.
File specified is either not found or not a .nuspec file. '7Z'

Is this something you know how to fix?

you may need to have 7zip installed, if you don’t want it -G ZIP ought to do it, although it will generate a larger file

I found that I had a name resolution conflict and cpack was pointing to chocolatey.
It seems to be working after I fixed my PATH.

Thanks for the help!