How to access a specific path for "system_bookmarks_active"?

I have created a partition of my local disk (called L:\LIBRARY) to make a space exclusive for 3D assets such as HDRIs, models, maps, etc. that I will commonly use in Blender…
And I would like to be able to access that volume very quickly via the File Browser in the form of a pie menu button.

I have successfully created such a pie button for my Desktop volume with the following line:

bpy.context.space_data.system_bookmarks_active = 1

But I can’t apply the same logic for my L:\Library volume because the integer number is never going to stay the same if I plug / unplug my various flash drives or external disks.

So is there a way to specify a path that goes something like this pseudo code?

bpy.context.space_data.system_bookmarks_active = L:\BLENDER\ASSETS


You can pass a byte string to E.g = b'L:\\BLENDER\\ASSETS'

Thank you very much! That worked!