How many years until right click vanishes?

I will share some of my thoughts about what could happen in the future of blender here.
Its just a theory, I might or not be Right!

After 2.8 release, the community will be split between the Right and the Left clickers. It will be a fuzzy moment.
Just a few months after, all the tutorials will only teach the left keymap or don’t teach shortcuts at all since it’s the default
after a year, all the Right clickers will feel forced to try to switch to Left.
At this time, an explosion of add-ons promising to bring back the 2.7 workflow will appear
This will be a dark time for the community that will be cut in half with the experienced people unable to help the newbies for a while.

After a year and 6 months, all users will have learned the left keymap but not get used with,
The vintage add-ons will be left behind.

Ever since Blender will lose its reputation of being a faster modeling workflow than any other software.
Modelers will become slightly more slow maybe around 30% but the models quality will improve a bit as a side effect.

There will be some old-school modelers that will be faster by creating their own workflow and might appear some realtime speedmodeling videos on YouTube.

After 2.5 years, Eevee will be the only feature that can be compared superior to other software, not because its superior, instead because the shader designers will get smarter and develop hacky node setups to solve realism challenges with eevee.

Then all proprietary software will have its own built-in realtime renderer. Eevee maybe can still be superior though, it depends on the development effort.

An uncertain amout of years later, developers will find that right keymap is not used anymore and will remove it just like happened with BGE and Blender Render.

The community, already missing the speed for a while may decide to create its own collaborative keymap from scratch(maybe as an super customizable addon) this addon-keymap may be completely messy and intended for who wanna be fast at modeling, It won’t include selection overrides but will work arround that by making other parts of the workflow fast like with smart menus and smart custom manipulators, probably can become as popular as Looptools.

If that happens It can become official and shipped with blender.

The end.

Nice story man :smile::sweat_smile::joy:

I think the decision to go default using Left click will migrate many users, those reasons (brecht reasons) infact makes sense, since Blender will not the only one software that artist using, it will make their life easier to jump into other one without losing their most basic selection method.

I strongly agree that right click in many ways offer a great speed workflow, but I feel it mostly in mesh modeling those speed is increasing, other workflow like animation or shading could get this advantages too but compare to other software it’s not really that different (just my opinion).

Reputation for being a faster modeling workflow indeed will affect Blender imho. But Blender is not the only one modeling software out there to compete in this area, Modo even offers a really great workflow for modeling though (the fact it’s naming took from ‘Modeling’ terms). So I think this decision will open the door for Blender to become the software of choice since it’s free and it’s also not behave like Alien for most basic action, this is good for comparing to other one. :grin:

All of your story above could be real and not, but I feel this big step make a new huge possibility for Blender in the future.