How can I get help for constant crashes?

Hello, I´m new here. I tried to google my problem but found nothing for my situation.
I can change my title to anything you can advise me to, once we have a clue of what is happening.

I´m using the latest blender on my new macbook (big sur) and crashes are happening after a few minutes of doing simple tasks.
The macbook is brand new.
I was learning blender 2.83 in my other macbook mid2015 without any crashes.

I suspect that maybe importing some preferences, for my old macbook is making this problem because my crashes started with my new macbook and with the lastest blender version (both, the purchase of the macbook and the release of the latest blender version happened at the same time).

There is a chace that someone experienced can try to check my problem? maybe is something really simple, or maybe is big bug, I don´t know.
I can try to share crash log files or anything that can help.

I tried to re-install blender, but crashes are still occurring.

Thanks in advance blender community.

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If you can find out how to reproduce the issue(s), please submit a bug report here, describing as detailed as possible what to do to reproduce the crash. You can attach a Blend file there as well.

If you make use of the ‘Help’ menu ➔ ‘Report a bug’ option from Blender, the necessary system info and Blender version will be automatically entered for you.


Thanks, I’ll do that.
Do you know if there is any know issue with Mac OS and the latest version?

Or do you know the reason of the most frequent crashes lately?

I couldn’t find any concrete information.


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I’m not aware of major issues in Blender for macOS. If there would be, they would be known and would soon be fixed, so I suspect it’s a local issue. But I’m not a macOS user anymore, so I can’t tell you much about this, sorry. You may want to do a search for macOS at to see if there are currently known issues. Good luck!