How about using the D key as a shortcut for switching the mesh_select_mode

Switching mesh_select_mode is one of the most frequently used operations in edit mode, so it deserves a more convenient shortcut. I think the D key is a good candidate. Because generally there are only three states that need to be switched, we only need one key to do that, such as single-click for the next state, double-click for the next next state, triple-click for the current state (actually we don’t need that), and so on, it is a cycle.

My reasons:

  1. Although the 123 key is not bad, it is still a bit far away, and it is still easy to misclick. The D key is generally where the middle finger is usually placed, and it is easier to reach and almost no misclick. And as far as I know, the D key is not be used for a very important or frequent operation yet.
  2. For simple three-state switching, we don’t need to occupy three keys, we can leave these keys for other operations.

What do you think, guys. Or am I missing something?

The D key is generally where the middle finger is usually placed

This completely depends upon other key and mouse assignments. My middle finger is rarely on the D key; I don’t use Blender from “touch type home position.”

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