Hiding/Unhiding objects within individual collections with h/alt + h instead of all collections?

Hey guys, one thing I noticed really quickly when playing around with the 2.8 beta is alt-h unhides everything in the scene, from ALL collections, rather than just the one you’re working in. In 2.7x and prior, I would use hide/unhide within an individual renderlayer a lot, which doesn’t reveal objects on other render-layers. Is there a way to do this with the new system? It’s a bit of a slowdown to my workflow as is.


I just checked 2.81 latest and it seems this is still broken? Is it broken or is it now working as intended? I think it is broken and has been for quite some time now.

In 2.79 alt-h worked very differently and better. Pressing alt-h would unhide objects in viewport but just in visible layer(s). Visible layers = visible collections pretty much in 2.8x. In 2.80 and 2.81 pressing alt-h unhides everything on every collection regardless if the collections are excluded, hidden and disabled in viewport. All objects are unhidden in the blend file. I think this changing of object visibility on hidden collections is fundamentally extremely wrong thing to do in every way imaginable. Doing an operation should never affect other objects in hidden+disabled+hidden collections. In photoshop if you draw on one layer it doesn’t draw on all layers. This is like pressing shift-a to add a cube and blender added a cube to every collection regardless if the collections are hidden and hidden + disabled in viewport. Only objects on visible collections should be touched by alt-h

I have couple of possible solutions

  1. alt-h should only unhide objects on visible collections (like it was in 2.79). If I have collection_a and collection_b and both have their unique objects. Now, only collection_a is set visible and selected. When I press alt-h then all objects only on collection_a should be unhidden. Collection_b should be left totally untouched because it is hidden which indicates that the user does not want nor expect to change it when alt-h is pressed.

If other collection is hidden from viewport then alt-h does nothing to it. If you add a new cube to scene blender doesn’t automatically add it to every collection so why should alt-h always affect every collection

  1. Second option is to keep the alt-h as is but add option or checkbox in blender options: “alt-h only affects objects on visible collections” which makes alt-h work like in 1. and like it did in all blender versions before 2.80

Nobody really thinks this is an issue?