Header menus, Pie menus, Inconsistency

Pie menu is a good tool. But sometimes it adds some chaos.
Header menus and Pie menus (shortcut menus), these menus looks different.

The same menus, but look in two different versions. This is Inconsistent.

  1. User needs to remember two different menus that do the same thing.
  2. Pie menus have limited functionality, not all elements are presented.

I think the shortcut menus should look the same as Header menus. It will be better for us if we refuse Pie menus in this place.
sorry for my English


Pie Menus are a good tool, but need a complete redesign because it doesn’t work well. Default values are not good, but also it have something that made really hard to find things. Or at least I can’t find the “basic options” when I try the piemenu.

I would also like ‘all’ the options.
It would be nice if there were a toggle where you could either have the regular menu or a pie menu, but preserve hotkeys. Being able to press ,2.2 to modify normal/individual and then ,4.8 to go back is nice when you know it, so I wouldn’t like to lose that functionality. It’s that the radial display doesn’t help me, and e.g. sometimes I’d like to hotkey toggle ‘connected only’ in proportional editing.

I just tried to make these menus the way they should be, and it feels a lot nicer.
They look the same, and you don’t need to remember anything extra.

Here is the instruction how I did it:

I’m sure it should be on default in Blender.
sorry for my English


hi, not a bad effort above, still there’s an inconsistency in the Proportional editing menu, it really needs the on/off toggle withing the menu. So whilst there’s some very useful quick fixes here, imo some rewriting needs to be done to improve overall. The proportional on off button as example could keep it’s hotkey O and be removed from the header and placed inside the menu. there’s no use having a menu pop up only to realize you forgot to turn it on first. imo in these situations pies do lose some usefulness.
As for the pie menu and header inconsistencies yeah, they seem to be added randomly. I would say they were added in order but not remembering pie menu correct numbering order. this would give the type of results we see.

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