Hashtag interconnect posts that mention the same theme?

By chance I realized that the hashtags work.
But currently they list 4-5 general categories which are the list of the main themes of the platform…

I ask the hashtags work to list topics of the same type, even single posts?

There exist more than 4-5 tags, and users can create their own.

So I’m not sure what you are asking.

simply twitter:
when you click on the hashtags you have a list of all the posts that talk about that particular topic

does it work like that too?

Yes, it will show all posts with that tag.

I tried to create a hashtag in a post but it does not create new ones

see it

You’ll have to be more specific about what exactly you did and how it failed then, otherwise there is not much I can say.

I simply tried to create a hashtag by writing the text, a list came out, but since #loopcut was not on the list I thought it would create a new hastag but it did not happen

It shows a “Create: mytag” entry in the menu here, when the tag does not exist.

I have done other tests right now, only the list of existing hastags comes out but no proposal to create a new one

maybe I better understand …
I was referring to the possibility of creating hastag even in comments, so that a specific comment that has useful information on that hastag can be collected

in practice it is not possible to create new hashtags in the comments

Ah, I think you can only create them for posts.

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just reflected on this.
would not it be an advantage to allow users to create hashtags so that they create transversal comments that keep interconnected issues between them?
Maybe not to mix things up too much, I think it would be enough to create a sub-category of “tips-hashtags” that does not mix with the most important ones.

I hypothesize that it can be useful especially in anticipation of the fact that the posts will start to increase in number over time and some useful information could be lost in the thousands of comments

At the same time, we users get used to self-organizing contexts

We are just using the Discourse software, we don’t intend to do development on it.

sorry, I thought it was a simple enough function to enable

maybe I found how it works