GSoC 2024: Sprucing up the Video Sequencer (Feedback)

How about “connected”, or ”entangled”?

When considering different names, the term would show up in menus as an imperative verb (e.g. “link/unlink”) and not a participle (“linked”), so whatever sounds best as a verb in the present tense would be great.

  1. Join/Separate
  2. Attach/Detach
  3. Merge/Unmerge
  4. Connect/Disconnect
  5. Entangle/Disentangle
  6. Group/Ungroup
  7. Bind/Unbind

I like 1 since “linking strips” in the industry NLE sense is a little like joining together objects in Blender – when you move one part of the object the other parts move with.
I also like 2, 4, and 7, let me know what you all think


Entangled is exactly spot-on in terms of meaning, but might be a little obscure

After some conversations with Dalai, Pablo and Sergey, there is consensus that “Connect/Disconnect” is the preferred naming. It’s important to keep the meaning of “linking” consistent in Blender, more than aligning with the standard terminology used by other video editing software in this case.