Grease Pencil: A couple concerns (from a professional animator)

Hey all, I appreciate the time and effort put into 2.8 all around, I’m in love with many of the changes despite the alpha status showing through sometimes!

I saw some valuable feedback from a professional (educator, even!) animator who brought up some concerns after using 2.8 for the first time:

  1. selection in general is odd and doesn’t show selected stroked and their vertices in draw mode. there should be some way to tell what strokes are selected even in Draw mode because it’s invaluable to move and adjust strokes without having to switch “modes”
  2. lasso selection/box selection and even stroke selection should be available in Draw mode, to switch between modes to perform very simple transforms and adjustments disrupts an artist’s flow. Used in tandem with Grab/Rotate/Scale hotkeys it would be a HUGE productivity boost to be able to perform those actions effectively all in Draw mode.

And I’ll throw in a concern of mine as an artist:

  1. Sculpt mode being a separate mode is understandable but it would be out of this world to be able to have shortcuts to frequently used sculpt brushes alongside drawing brushes in Draw mode. Even an option to hotkey certain sculpt brushes to be used in Draw mode would be very helpful

All in all, I believe in order for Grease Pencil and it’s many fantastic tools to be effectively used by professionals it needs to start treating Draw mode with a bigger role than just laying down strokes. The more you can actually DO in Draw mode without switching modes only helps artists, especially animators who needs several tools and functions available at their fingertips at all times.


Yeah, Blender currently has too many modes now, which imo are unnecessary and just slow things down. In most cases switching tools should be enough for it to switch modes under the hood.
Several modes could be removed/unified, that would decrease the complexity of the program a lot.


I agreed.
Edit mode is like contour editor tool in toon boom. Sculpt mode would be something like wrap mesh tool, but more powerful.

I think sculpt tools are one of the best things grease pencil has and no other animation apps have.

But I found out that circle select can be used in draw mode, but I don’t think it is supposed to…