glTF 2 animations management and key-frames

I have run into some huge issues with how Blender 3.3 and 3.4 now manage Key Frames when working on glTF-2 related projects. Also, when bringing in some of my projects from Blender 3.2 to 3.3 and 3.4, there are new issues with the Key Frames.

This never happened before and make it very difficult on exporting to game platforms. Could there ‘possibly’ be a bug in how glTF-2 files and animations management are now handled in Blender 3.3/3.4?


I used to be able to import an glTF-2 file, animated and mapped, into earlier versions of Blender fine. Key Frames (0-100, or 0-50, etc) always imported properly.
Now, when I import a model scene to Blender 3.3 or 3.4, a 0-100 key frame range is now 0-2400 or so. Radically high. I was told by Blender Development that glTF’s are imported per Frame megaherz or timing, frames per second. Not key frames.

This is a radical change… Is this a good direction? This really messes things up when importing and exporting glTF-2 files and scenes.

If only there were a switch that one could flip that would revert glTF-2 Animations management back to Key Frames instead of Frames per second. This didnt exist before. I had never had issues like this before 3.3 and 3.4. And 3.2 earlier versions never had this.

This is a voice of my opinion and a concern on projects in the field of animations and exporting for game platforms. I know that Blender are trying to create the best product possible, but have we gone into a direction that possibly has some issues? A buggy route? My humble input…


Also, to add to this, a secondary ‘hinderance’ that occurs with this issue is, we used to be able to ‘adjust’ a key frame track to a smaller range. We could change 100 KF’s to 50 KF’s. The various KF points along the track would auto-adjust. We simply clicked in a new setting for the END point of the track to say 50, instead of 100, and the track was properly adjusted. So easy.

Now, it slices… It cuts off the track instead of adjusting it. I think that is a huge bug. Now we must calculate a ‘percentage’ figure and enter this into a scale adjuster flyout further down the list. Thats fine unless you are adjusting a track that is 200 KF’s which imports as 4 thousand 4 hundred key frames track (yes… ) and you need it to be 200 KF’s… calculate that…

We used to be able to adjust our animation tracks so quick and fast… And there was none of this ‘frames per second’ thing in the model making section that I remember ever having seen.

I think we should have the ability to select ‘Slice’ or ‘ReScale’ tracks at the top by that ‘END’ button on Tracks so that we can once again be able to change Animation lengths on the fly without using rocket science (now) to change a animation track length.