Glitchy speaker object (directional audio doesn't work)

The speaker object seems very glitchy on my computer, Linux Mint, with no dedicated graphics card (intel 620UHD integrated), i5 8250U processor, 8 GB RAM on blender 2.82.7. Audio clips don’t always play after importing. The computer’s volume is set to max and the speaker hasn’t been muted. I also updated animation cache from the scene menu. The speaker starts working after a while, ONLY after I switch between material and solid views a couple times. Even then, the audio stops working after a while and the output doesn’t depend on the distance of the camera or view from the speaker. I’d like to know if this is a problem faced by other people too, and if the devs have given up on directional audio, because I can’t find much talk or tutorials about this online for blender 2.8. I’m also an aspiring beginner blender developer, so if there is a fix required here, I’d gladly do my best to do it, provided i can get some rookie friendly guidance.

This area of Blender is still supported but not used by many, which means bugs like this are more likely.

It’s best to report issues like this to the bug tracker with example .blend to reproduce the issue. Then it’s easy for others to test, and if you want to investigate it yourself that’s still possible.

I’ll report this to the bug tracker. Why is directional audio “not used by many”, though? It’s such a useful feature for animated films