Geometry nodes redesigned framework and attribute usage (combines fields and original design)

I’ve added some structure to the geometry nodes system based on existing Blender concepts to help users read and create complex systems, and there’s some suggestions on better data access to remove some limitations, improve readability and reduce user workload.


object level example (attribute node network still has parameters on nodes and multiple inputs/outputs, this level doesn’t)

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attribute network (same as current geometry node groups)

generic get attribute node instead of a hard coded input node for every conceivable attribute. Saves the shift + a menu from becoming overwhelmingly bloated with nodes, and instead the user only has to drop down a use/get attribute node and then choose from the dropdown which shows only available attributes.:

Generic set attribute, instead of had coded set attribute nodes (set position etc)

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Ability to access attributes without wires if wanted, by entering @attribute_name into any textbox. Additinoaly parameters can retrieve data from a non-connected node by using it’s address relative to the textbox: