Geometry Nodes: Images/Videos for Release Notes


The Wiki release notes for Geometry Nodes is quite detailed about each and every node that was added, but for the 3.0 landing page in it would be great to have artwork featuring those nodes.


  • Text Nodes
  • Curve Nodes
  • New procedural Texture Nodes
  • Volumes

Please post images or links to videos featuring these.

  • Blender 3.0 screenshot/screencapture, or final render featuring the effect.
  • Highest resolution possible
  • Without watermarks (I will add credits in the page itself)
  • If .blend files are available even better! Although not totally required.

For reference check out the Geometry Nodes section in: 2.93 LTS —

Deadline for submissions is at the end of this week (by Friday 19th November).




Hello @pablovazquez ! Sorry, I didn’t see this post before today.

I love those features pages you craft. Did you get the images you need? Were they supposed to be posted here? I don’t see any. Did you get them from somwhere else?

If there’s still a missing topic you would like to cover I’m available.