Freeze Culling

This message is for Clément Foucault

My name is Hoang Tran and I am translating the Blender interface into Vietnamese. I would like to address you this commit:

Clément Foucault, 8 months ago (September 2nd, 2022 5:30 PM)

DRWManager: New implementation.

This is a new implementation of the draw manager using modern
rendering practices and GPU driven culling.

This only ports features that are not considered deprecated or to be


The line of text I don’t understand is

“Freeze Culling”, "Freeze view culling bounds”);

in the file


Could you please explain what this "Freeze view culling bounds” exactly does please? I am not familiar with this at all.

Best regards,
Hoang Tran

This is a feature for developers, not shown to users in the regular user interface. So translating it is not important.

Culling automatically hides objects that are outside the viewport, for faster rendering. What this does is make it so culling is no longer updated and “frozen” for the last viewpoint, so that it can be inspected from another viewpoint.

Thank you Brecht, I did a bit of hunting on Youtube and understood what the culling is trying to do, cutting the view to a cone shape, from the camera view point, so object outside are cut off (hidden) and thus will not be rendered, as you’ve said, so I worked out ‘Freezing’ possibly meaning frozen the view. Thank you so much to make it extremely clear for me. Just as I suspected.