Found a benign glitch/bug with Blender, don't want to report it

I use the NLA editor lot, which AFAIK is highly unused and under-developed.
I like to disable the name of a lot of strips because it’s annoying looking at all the Action.00x names.

You can name markers and NLA tracks WHATEVER you want but for some reason, NLA strips require unique names per object (and can’t be empty). At first, I was using long spaces instead but then found a limit of 64? characters.

I was playing around, and found a glitch to actually have strips using the exact same name.
Nothing breaks, so I don’t get why this limit is even a thing.
This bypass is a bug but I don’t want to report it because if I did, the function may get removed and then I’d have to use unique names again.

I suggest you report it and state your findings. If it truly is an unneeded limitation, it can be removed, you’ve just helped simplify Blender’s codebase. If there is something that relies on unique names, maybe you just hadn’t found it yet, and it could lead to instability. Either way, reporting it is better than not.