Flamenco and Attract

Hi everyone,
I just joined and this is my first time in the forum. I’m interested in the pipeline aspects of Blender. I want to look into Flamenco and Attract. I see I can clone flamenco in the dev page, but I can’t see where I can get Attract. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, any tutorials on the technical setup of these two features would be appreciated.
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Have you seen this? https://cloud.blender.org/blog/attract-and-flamenco-public-beta

Just saw it. Great info. Did they implement Organizations?

You can find Attract at developer.b.o as well. We did implement organisations, although signing up for one is still a manual process.

There is very little documentation on setting up your own Blender Cloud (which includes Flamenco Server and Attract). If you’re interested you could look into how we created the Blender Cloud docker images.

If you want to run Flamenco for your own renders, I would recommend signing up for Blender Cloud and getting Flamenco Manager + Workers running first.