First timer - How to submit my code?

Hello everyone,

It is my first time posting here. I have spent the past few days giving coding in Blender source another shot. I have plenty of Python experience and have made my own addons, but haven’t been able to get anywhere with the source code.

I wanted to start somewhere small and add the Invert Vertex Group functionality to modifiers that are missing it. I have it working on the Cast modifier currently.

Now I am unsure of what steps to take for submitting my code for review.

Also when working on this I noticed that some of the naming conventions for a few of the modifiers Invert Vertex Group properties are not consistent with other modifiers. Is this something that I could fix and make consistent among all of the modifiers and submit for review as well?

Also I plan to add the invert functionality to pretty much all modifiers. Is it better to submit them one by one for review instead of at once in one patch?

see module owners,

See their Module plans page at the right sidebar in


If the naming conventions you’re referring to are DNA variables, renaming them is a bit more complicated, and renaming RNA variables would change the Python API. If it’s for consistency I would support it but I don’t really know what the policy is for either.

But that sounds like a good project.

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Thanks that helped. I got the first patch submitted for review.

The naming conventions are in the RNA, but not related to the actual python variable names. I’m not sure what they are called exactly as I am new to C and don’t know the proper terminology.

Currently most invert vertex group properties use something like MOD_DECIM_FLAG_INVERT_VGROUP or MOD_WIREFRAME_INVERT_VGROUP but there are 2 mods that are different. Solidify has MOD_SOLIDIFY_VGROUP_INV and Mask has MOD_MASK_INV. So those 2 didn’t show up when searching the source code for _INVERT_VGROUP

I saw the post, from the first glance, I suggest you add some more reviewers.
And also make a more detailed description, if possible link to a Manifest task which proposed such change.

The first diff got commited with some tweaks by Bastien. Thanks for your help.