Filenames In UV Editor dropdown not distinguishable

I have problems discerning the filenames in the images dropdown of the UV Editor. When they are a bit longer (not too long) and have an index at the end (like "ThisGame_StoneTexture_Displacement_01.tif) and they are linked to another Blender file, the middle section is truncated so that the “01” (and sometimes more information) isn’t visible in the dropdown any more. For that reason sometimes there is no way to know which texture is which. I have to select them one by one and check in the UV Editor which one is right. Depending on the situation this can be very tedious. This was different in 2.79 - still not perfect, but way better.

Here’s an example of the dropdown …


Some suggestions …
*) Don’t add the filename of the linked Blender file to the image filename (or have an option to deactivate that)
*) Make the dropdown wider. Why is it so narrow anyway?
*) Have a bubble popup that shows the filename when you hover over it. Least desired option, but would work.


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T77929 (bug report)
T78012 (design task)

Besides changing the width of the menu, there should be “tooltips” with full filename, so you can always read them fully regardless of the name length or the width of the menu.

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Just to be sure … it doesn’t work in 2.83.1 either. In 2.90 it’s just worse.