Feels like blender somehow uses multiple threads for addon registration when yield -ing

#tnModuleNames are just strings, tnModulesImported refer to actual modules which are imported
tnModuleNames = []
tnModulesImported = []

#If you want Docs, 3Below ;)
def getModuleNames(root, package = ''):
    if not isinstance(root, Path):
        root = Path(root)
    absolutePath = package
    for moduleDir, moduleName, ispkg in pkgutil.iter_modules([str(root)]):
        #A Package is a 
        if ispkg:
            rootNext = root / moduleName
            absolutePathNext = absolutePath + moduleName + '.'

            print("Found A Package:- ", moduleName)

            yield from getModuleNames(rootNext, absolutePathNext)
            print("Found A Module:- ", moduleName)
            yield absolutePath + moduleName

def importModules(addonDirName):
    #normally getModuleNames yields/returns this load_and_reg file too, so we manually remove that, so that we don't have to check tnModule == __name__ ever again
    #Then we Import the other Modules
    for tnModuleName in tnModuleNames:
        if tnModuleName == __name__:
            yield importlib.import_module('.' + tnModuleName, addonDirName)

#Consists of two steps, Loading the names of the modules in tnModuleNames, STEP 2 is to import the Modules
def loadModules(addonDir):
    global tnModuleNames
    global tnModulesImported

    tnModuleNames = getModuleNames(addonDir)

    if not isinstance(addonDir, Path):
        addonDir = Path(addonDir)
    addonDirName = addonDir.name

    tnModulesImported = importModules(addonDirName)

def registerModules():
    for tnModule in tnModulesImported:
        if hasattr(tnModule, 'register'):
            print("Registering module " + str(tnModule))

in my init.py I was calling loadModules(currentDir) first, then registerModules().
See those print statements inside getModuleNames() and registerModules()

I was getting outputs like this in the blender console:
Found A Package:- execution
Found A Module:- tn_execution
registering module <module *** from ***> [ *** means actual imported python module info ]
Found A Package:- nodes
Found A Module:- tn_node_base
registering module <module *** from ***>
Found A Module:- tn_nodes
registering module <module *** from ***>
Found A Module:- tn_nops

I mean How is it JUMPING Straight to registerModules function even before the loadModules has returned

[I really apologize for this big code, but this was the least I thought would be needed to understand]
Also note that, My testAddon is working as expected, no bugs so far…

but I would really like to know WHY and How it’s being executed like in this MultiThreaded Looking way when i use yield inside getModuleNames and importModules

If I don’t use yield and directly append to the tnModuleNames or tnModulesImported List, The JUMPING from loadModules to registerModules doesn’t happen

UPDATE: It Seems Like, This is Purely because of Yield and the way I have used Generators… [Yes The code can look similar, because mostly It’s Based on Jaques Lucke’s 2017 code)

It has nothing to do with the way Blender uses Python or Implements, I think I have gained quite a good Understanding of Generators, flicking through the Old PEPs and pycon presentations