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I wished blender showed how many items you have selected and you could rename in 3d viewport.

That already happens:

How many items you have selected:

And you can rename from viewport, just select an object and press F2:


It could be a good practice if you go to Blender Community or Blender Artists and ask about “how can I do X thing?” before you make some kind of request here.

Also this is not the correct place to make random requests, this is to give feedback about current developments or to ask questions about programming (C++ or Python).

To make feature requests you can go to:

Have a good weekend :slight_smile:


Except that in the latest releases that info in the status bar is not enabled by default. You need to go into Edit -> Preferences, Interface tab, Editors area, Status Bar -> Scene Statistics. Or enable the Statistics overlay in the 3D viewport.

That these are disabled by default these days is a mind-boggling decision. They don’t cost any performance, while they show extremely relevant information in any situation.

That’s a different topic than what was requested here :slight_smile:

Somewhat, but your tip on where to find the selection by default doesn’t work, hence my addition :wink:

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Good catch, you are right :slight_smile: