Feedback on breaking Python API changes for shader nodes

Oh then I’ve always assumed wrongly that this was the case, and I’m glad it isn’t ! I’ve made things more complicated for myself then. :laughing:
Thanks for the explanation.

I also would like to add another general note. It seems that the spirit of ‘Everything Nodes’ is really taking over for Blender’s entire design. People really love nodes so I think it would make sense to adapt the API for it as well. It is really painful to see nodes get more powerful and universal by the day but for developers there is not really anything to do because the API is very weak. I say, rework the API the sooner the better. Having all addons not work is not pleasant but on the hand having to update an addon to an only marginally better API is not too motivating either in my opinion.


To add to the Node Python API wishlist:

Linking custom node trees to the object, the same way shader nodes are. So, if I select an object with the custom node tree it updates to the tree for the object.

These are my node based addons:

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