Factory Defaults, Two tool shelf rows for sculpting


VS2019 Community, Win 10

In the sculpting layout the list of tools in the tool shelf becomes already a bit long. The annotation tool is not to reach anymore. And the scrollbar is hard to use, it collides with the border to drag the tool shelf bigger. So the first thing i always do is to drag the tool shelf list to two rows. So that i can reach all tools again. This state can be saved by saving the startup.blend in File/Defaults/Save Startup Blend

I work with a custom build though, which means that i end in the factory settings from time to time. And here it starts with one row. Means i have to drag the tool shelf to two rows again and again.

Normally in such a case you grab the startup.blend, and compile Blender with this startup blend. And then the state should be in the factory settings. This works for other settings, and it works with saving from the file menu. So it should work with the factory settings too. But when you compile with the very same startup.blend, then the tool shelf still starts with one row. This state is not stored in the factory settings it seems.

Is this a known issue? Do i maybe something wrong and it should work? What can i do to start with two rows in the factory settings?

Kind regards


This is a bug, there is a report about it here:

Thanks Brecht. Then i’ll wait for the fix :slight_smile: