Extrusion , z key to return back to normal axis extrusion ( global transform orientation )

When the transform orientation is set to global , why is it impossible to switch between global and normal and back to normal extrusion with the z key when extruding a face ?
Set orientation to gloable
Extrude a face of a sphere , by default it will extrude along the normal , when pressing z it changes to local , but won’t go back to normal when pressing the z key again

It does work when transform orientation is set to local , and it also worked in 2.79

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They changed this a while ago unfortunately, I miss this interaction as well, but the consensus was that whatever you set the orientation to is what it should always be. I don’t remember what thread it was, papercuts maybe?

This issue has always existed with the extrude command. When using the Extrude command(E-key), Blender overrides the current orientation and always uses Normal orientation. It is indeed inconsistent, and maybe could change, but it would be a big change from earlier versions.