Extracting X Y Z coordinages from motion capture file

So I want to extract the coordinates of an armature in x y z format from a BVH file. I am looking at the import script for BVH file. But I don’t seem to understand the code properly.

I am thinking of printing the values of the various variable to the console at each step thus helping me to figure stuff out.

Do you have any other idea how should I go about doing it ?

Not entirely sure what you are asking, but inserting a line like:


into the code, where location is the vector for the armature’s location, will print something like “10.45,3.56,6.42”.

To see this, run Blender from a console window, so you can see what is printed, I have set the directory to the blender executable, then issued the command ./blender:

Post the code here and I can help some more…

Cheers, Clock. :cocktail: