Extra Nodes for GeometryNodes

wow very very useful node…

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Hmmm I couldn’t get the Sequencer audio to pass thru.The node is active but I’m wondering if there is some setting that I’m missing? Is it ok to run the script from the text editor or must I install it like a regular addon?

Our production have searched something like “Is Rendered View” for render time mesh changing, Thanks!
Will it included in Blender3.0 as a default node?
And I haven’t heard GeometryNode 2.0. Where should I head to get information about it?

Geometry node 2.0 is simply the field redesign. that’s my nickname :wink: nothing official

Will it included in Blender3.0 as a default node?

No these are python plugins

I got it! Thanks for the great work. :slight_smile:

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It seems liked this was the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet


once it get these confirmed i’ll try to do Object/Collection/Image
then maybe camera info node :slight_smile:


Thanks, @BD3D. These will be so useful. I have just two suggestions:

First of all, it’s a bit distracting to see the output name of the input nodes change when you are scrubbing the value.

Second, the extra nodes don’t seem to show up in the search menu.

Also, what does the image node do? The socket type is not a color.

socket will be for the image texture node :slight_smile:
and other node later that need an image data input

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You know what would be really useful for nodegroup creators in combination with the python api node?

I propose a node to output warning messages to a nodegroup or modifier. It would let nodetree creators output these:

I think this is essential for any nodegroup creator creating an asset pack for beginners. What do you think?

I don’t have much experience with python nodes, so I have no idea if it’s possible. Is it?


more and more thinks are hardcoded in Cpp in blender nowadays.
i don’t think this information is mod-able via python

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I got greenlight by Hans that they can be implemented
( i was not sure about the share-ability paradigm. but external references got a pass somehow)

However, 3.0 is bcon3 , so there’s no hurry. I’ll do the patch later :slight_smile:
I removed the input nodes from github and from main post



Waiting for review :slight_smile:


Sorry for silly question but, how to use python custom nodes?

By typing python code :slight_smile: This node is for advanced users who know a bit of python.
if you’d like some tips, enable the developper tooltip, you will see the api of properties when hovering them.


Can the Object Info node act as both of your object & collection nodes? It is necessary to have both of these nodes you made? Image input node seems good to me though.

A request:

Currently the external attributes (like weight paint, vertex groups, etc.) can be used only when the field socket input wire is connected to the Geometry Input node. Can you please make a node in Blender (say “External Attribute ” node or “Set Attribute ” node) where we can type in the attribute directly in the node, and connect it to a field input? Or maybe an attribute input toggle in nodes just like we have in the modifier?

It would be good to have this node inside of Blender as most of the attribute nodes have been removed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a very demanded feature, that was removed for controversial reasons during the port of the field prototype to the actual final implementation, please check this topic Named Attribute Nodes in Blender 3.0

after using Geometry Node of 3.0 extensively, I can’t agree more with my past statement about the removal. The new named attributes access is just so awkward to work with, it is also very inconvenient for studios trying to establish their own pipeline

Can the Object Info node act as both of your object & collection nodes? It is necessary to have both of these nodes you made? Image input node seems good to me though.

No they are two separate node,
i am still working on the patch, it seems to work except very specific issues, i will have time later this month to sumbit the patch :slight_smile:

Oh I see.

Then what about Wireframe Geometry node (like the wireframe modifier)? Will that be good?

Look at what amazing optimizations this can bring for everyone:

When I scrub the timeline, the subdivision level decreases, but when I let go, the subdivision resets. This lets animators get a good preview of the animation and a good preview of the model quickly without changing settings rapidly. Geometry Nodes + a little Python is the future of rigging!


Woah, that is really cool! Just had a play with it, and you can also use bpy.context.screen.is_animation_playing for even more optimisation.

It’s really weird seeing the viewport become buttery smooth as soon as you start the animation :smiley: