Exporting UVs in 2.8

It looks like the option to export UVs has been removed from 2.8. Is this an error or has the feature been moved?

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The UV layout export functionality is actually an addon which still seems to be enabled by default.

I believe that Addons have been disabled for now when they target 2.79 in their addon descriptor data. In 2.8 there are major scene -graph changes e.g. collections instead of layers etc. so accessing objects in python addons have breaking changes right right now.

I actually I tried to enable it back myself just now for fun by changing that version number in the addon itself and then restarted blender 2.8 but still could not locate the addon in the menu that is used in the addon which should the UV/Image editor uvs menu.

So unfortunately can’t directly help here but I am sure it will get resolved in next couple of months once they finalize the addon API changes.
Btw. most export / import addons are disabled by now, e.g. the new File context menu (F2) only has alembic and DAE as current options which both I believe are written in C instead of python.

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Thank you for the explanation. That was very helpful.

Hopefully it won’t be too long for the add-ons to return. There are a lot of them and I like working in the new version 2.8.