Exporters: Can they make use of collections and their instances?

Hello everybody,

I’m mainly using blender for creating assets that will be exported to other software, so “naturally” I’m also testing these capabilities in the 2.8 builds.

While I like how collections can be managed inside blender, for now exported instances just end up as empty nodes in the collada exporter for example.

What I personally could imagine would be having extra export options, what would make sense in my opinion would be either instantiating (optionally even duplicating) all the meshes to where collection instances are present and at least for static assets it could make sense if a collection could be converted to a single mesh that will be instantiated (optionally again duplicated) for each collection instance.

I’m aware that maybe parts of these suggestions might be maybe better implemented as an “more export options” addon or something like this, but at least some more directly implemented offers instead of having just empty nodes could benefit for people that mainly use blender for creating and exporting stuff that will be used somewhere else.

I could not spot any further information like roadmaps for this so far, so any pointers to see some ideas would be great and of course I’d like to read further suggestions, ideas or other opinions below: :wink:

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