Expanding the Outliner in Python

AFAIK, pretty much all of the outliner’s functionality is currently only available in C code and cannot be accessed via Python through, say, an addon.
I was planning on adding an extra restriction column to the outliner (synced with some object-level custom properties). I don’t assume this is currently technically possible.
Are there any plans to expose this stuff to the end user in the foreseeable future?

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Do I need to rephrase my question? Am I using the wrong sub-forum?

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It’s possible that no one who has seen this has any idea how to do it. It might be possible to get a developer’s attention by pinging them directly like this: @Gabs

Well then, ping @brecht, ping @ideasman42, ping @pablovazquez . I don’t know whose area of experise this is, but is there anything planned at all?

There are no specific plans for extending the API to support customizing the outliner.