Error compiling blender on ubuntu

On the building process after I run make it reaches 100% and gives me this error. I’ve ran but that hasn’t solved it. Can anyone help me?

/home/user/Documents/blender-src/source/blender/editors/interface/interface.c:3950: error: undefined reference to UI_editsource_enable_check
/home/user/Documents/blender-src/source/blender/editors/interface/interface.c:3951: error: undefined reference to UI_editsource_but_replace
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: [source/creator/CMakeFiles/blender.dir/build.make:286: bin/blender] Error 1
[CMakeFiles/Makefile2:5054: source/creator/CMakeFiles/blender.dir/all] Error 2
make: * [Makefile:163: all] Error 2

Maybe this was temporary breakage and updating to the latest version helps? Or doing a clean build might help if there was some kind of refresh issue?

Latest master seems to be building fine for most developers, so if there is still an issue with the latest version and a clean build, it must be something specific in your configuration or system setup that is triggering the issue. And for that you’d need to provide more details.