Enabling Zoom to Cursor by default, at least for the node editors

Currently, there’s a single “Zoom to Cursor” Interface Preference that affects both 3dview and other things like the nodal Shader Editor, etc. and currently it’s default is to be disabled. I can understand that making this behavior the default in the 3dview might be controversial (in camera view, for example, you might want to always have a pure dolly motion).

But in the nodal editors Zoom to Cursor seems like a significant improvement in navigation, with little or no downside.

If it’s not possible to change the default of the current global “Zoom to Cursor” option to enabled by default, then could we get a separate option to enable it in the Shader Editor and similar views?


Not controversial at all. This is standard everywhere.

Edit: Never mind all what I just wrote - i kinda forgot Auto Depth existed. This should be enabled by default too then, otherwise it’s confusing when you zoom in and suddenly it doesn’t go in further.

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I agree. Zoom to mouse and auto depth are options I enable every time.
I found that zooming out from one point and in to another is obviously less precise but much faster than panning.
And I need only one hand to do that :slightly_smiling_face: