Edit/Replace New Modifier Panels 2.90?

With the new Drag/Drop modifiers removing practically everything from python, to C (9b099c86123f / developer.blender.org/rB9b099c86123fc828a194c59ce5b8bbf5a56f9cdb),
how does one edit or replace panels?

Before, the panels were drawn with function presets under bpy.types.DATA_PT_modifiers, with the name of the modifier type, for example HOOK / ARMATURE / MULTIRES / etc.

I could replace them with my own functions (copy paste their code) to “edit” them.
Now, all the UI is internal and I see nothing to be able to tweak the draw code.

It’s not currently a big deal to me because I only did this to add one button to one modifier (hook) but it will be a very big problem for me if constraints get the exact same treatment.
I do a LOT of customization with constraints.

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