Edit mode workbench tool shortcut?

I can set it by hand in Preferences and it works but I can’t find a way to do it from Python.

keymap = key_config.keymaps.new(name='Mesh', space_type='VIEW_3D')
keymap_item = keymap.keymap_items.new('wm.tool_set_by_id', type='L', value='PRESS', ctrl=True, shift=True)
keymap_item.properties['name'] = 'addon.tool_edit'
addon_keymaps.append((keymap, keymap_item))

The only thing that has worked for me is to use name=‘3D View’ but then that interferes with my other tool’s shortcut in Object Mode. I have two tools, one for Object Mode and one for Edit Mode and I’d like them both to have the same shortcut.

Ahh, the old post on the Internet then you figure it out for yourself:

keymap = key_config.keymaps.new(name='Mesh', space_type='EMPTY')

is what works. This isn’t mentioned in the KeyMap docs for ‘EMPTY’ and it probably should be.