Edit mode operation info is all over the place

When modelling, I find myself always looking in the wrong place for information on the settings i’m currently using for the active edit mode operation. For example loop cut and slide, the info about cuts smoothness etc is at the bottom left of the 3d viewport, whilst move is at the top left, and bevel is at the very bottom of the window in the info bar.

put them all in one place, preferably where they can’t run out of space (like often happens in the info bar). Ideal place would be at the bottom of the 3d viewport on a semi transparent background (to guarantee they’re always readable in busy scenes).


Can’t agree more, you never know where to look… one idea also could be to print them directly in the viewport like some addons do

definitely. The info bar is too small to fit everything in in most tools, especially if you have the interface scale above 1

Already mentioned more than a year ago here:

But nobody takes suggestions from these forums anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: