Does Blender use CMake to create project for visual studio?

hello, I’m a Houdini and blender user, in Houdini when you’re gonna code something in visual studio
you should use CMake, we have a CMakeLists.txt with a bunch of code in it in term of creating visual studio project to work with Houdini HDK

what should I do for blender?
I read something about compiling blender:

### Automatic CMake Setup

If you're not interested in manually setting up CMake build directory, configuring, building and installing in separate steps, we provide a convenience batch file in Blender's source directory which sets up CMake for you.

To update to the latest version and build, use:

cd C:\blender-git\blender make

*(this requires git and svn to be in your systems PATH).*

By default Blender builds will be similar to official releases. Many [Build Options and Targets]( are available for debugging, faster builds, and to enable or disable various features.

For a full list of the optional targets type...

make help

but it says compiling

Yes, cmake is used to build Visual Studio projects for Blender. Other than that, I’m not sure what you are asking here. What do you want to do?

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Is there any documentation to create visual studio project with CMake

This Building from within the Visual Studio IDE section explains how you can create a Visual Studio project for the Blender source code. If that is not what you need, you should be much more precise about what you actually want to do.

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