Does Blender accept "trash:/" as Temporary Files location?

Well, I know this is not a support forum. But I have googled and I can’t find anything about this.
My intention is to use Linux Trash system as the location for temporary Blender files. This is because Linux Trash system allows you to configure deleting files by age, maximum size, alerts, Linux Trash can be configured to be located in more than one partition, etc.
But I can’t get it to work by writing “trash:/” variable in “Temporary Files” field in File paths preferences, it continues using my /tmp folder.

Is there any way to do it or it is not implemented/supported by Blender?

What I’m doing right now is selecting one of three real locations/paths tha my Linux system uses for Trash system (e.g. /disk1/.Trash-1000/files). But I would be interested in being able to choose with some kind of environment variable that it uses all the Trash system.

Using KDE here, I’m not sure about whether all linux desktops use the same Trash system