Documentation on hair dynamics

Hair dynamics has values that range from very small numbers to huge ones … That’s something very complicated in terms in UX. Why having crazy astronomic values if they dont make sense and make it a “hair bomb”? Blender manual does not explain a lot on hair values…

I have Bought a book(Tradigital Blender). It had a section on hair dynamics, none of the settings worked as expected. Tried some tutorials online, or some forum threads, but there is not enough material on it. All material I have found is outdated and not precise. Information on hair dynamics is too diffuse, spread in little pieces of information.

Is there any relation between ojects scales and hair simulation? If yes, shouldnt that be explained in the manual? I am working on a project here, and hair dynamics for animation is being a headache… Cant find enough documentation for each of those parameters… It would be really great for the community if we had that.

I mean… official documentation could have optimal values or charts with references for users to have a better understanding on it… references of default values for dynamics, so that hair behave naturally, or maybe presets could be created and explained. There should also be a chart with references for scale of the object(if that has a real impact on simulation), and these values should be compared with parameters… for example… what stiffness should I use for a particle system that has X or Y size?

Anyway, is there already any precise documentation on the subject? If not… I think it would be really beneficial to the community.