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Currently Pablo Dobarro’s Poli Build improvement + F2 addon + new snapping tools, life starts to simplify … besides Jeroen Bakker, is working on a new prototype retopology overlay, from what I understood to improve the visibility of the mesh faces topology
Prototype Retopology Overlay Drawing Techniques

I hope this will all play well together


We now have that in PDT, taken from TinyCAD and adapted a little, along with Filleting, Edge Bisecting and Intersect All commands. These are not in the current release, but will be in the next one. I am keeping an eye on snapping developments as these will obviate some of the PDT Tools, that can then be dropped in favour of the vanilla Blender options.

Cheers, Clock.


Hi Clockmender,
for the next one release, do you mean 2.82 or 2.83?

New features will be in our next release 1.1.5 scheduled for this month. We hope to have PDT in Blender 2.82 if we gain acceptance.

Cheers, Clock


Hi. I think this is related to snapping as well. Right now, you can’t do some snaping when using vertex (or edge) slide.

We need vertex/edge/face constraints to be toggled as a modal, just like the recent modify origin addition for which I’m very thankful for. Sometimes it feels like we only ask and never thank, so I wanted to highlight that as well.

This gif is from 2.79 but still applies to 2.80 all the way to the daily builds.


you have to make a video-tutorial to show how you do this and what is the advantage of using the tool. also i posted in my post that i had a problem installing it on a pc, and solved it by renaming the folder and putting the*.py files into it…

@taxishop Looking at your screenshots on the other thread, I think you downloaded the repository, not the release which is found here:

That is the file you should download, install and enable, not the repository, as you seem to have the system files as well, like the license, issue forms, etc.

Help for the system is in my website (clockmender.uk) you can see the help pages on the right side menu. Video tutorials are on the list, but not yet as we have a lot more work to do on the add-on first and I am not good at video tutorials!

Cheers, Clock.

I wouldn’t want to go as far as Cedric did for the weld modifier but in this blender artist thread and in this particular post, another case for modal constraints as a toggle is shown.

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I noticed you can’t reset the rotation of the pivot with the world with Alt R, it resets the object rotation instead. Also chaging values in the N panel moves the object instead of the pivot as well.
This is posible with bone studio’s BS Pivot however, it has a button to reset the rotation, and when entering the edit pivot mode it works as well.

Yes. The transform object origin feature is incomplete at the moment.


I came accross this problem few times… I just want to scale a plane on X axis so the vertex snap to the grid, how I can do this ? (I checked the “absolute” property and “affect the scale” also):

Hi @StroBlend. Absolute gridpos is restricted to translating. I think what you want isn’t possible directly. You might do it by moving vertices or scale it and in the context menu choose Snap Vertices -> Selection to grid (VertexMode).

Or change the Scale values in the Object Properties Panel, start dragging and then hit ctrl + shift for values rounded on to a single decimal place or just ctrl for rounding to int.

Just one last info for you. I think this forum is not the right one for asking how to do things, it’s more about the development of blender and plugins.

I maybe have misspoke but when we select snap to grip and affect scale it should do what it says. I provided a good example (feedback) to show how the snap can be improved and it fit perfectly to the topic. Isn’t it ?

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I just got it as a question how to do it, if I got you wrong mentioning that was wrong. But I didn’t want to crit you anyhow with that, it was meant in a purely informative way. I’d also wouldn’t care if the scope of this forum would be bigger than it is, but that’s not my decision. And yes it would be nice if it included scale and rotation. Btw. its current limitation is mentioned in the tooltip.


Any word on this? This thread hasn’t moved very much in the past few months and I haven’t seen any snapping improvements in the 2.82 builds yet- is there anything blocking progress, or discussion happening elsewhere?

there are still many to-do’s on the list, but development is currently stalled.

Snapping & precision modeling improvements

I can’t say exactly why,
maybe there are other priorities, or maybe the developer who is developing them has other things to do … who knows

For my part I can say that there was a change in what I was told to do.
Due to the large increase in the number of reports created per day, I and others were moved to focus almost exclusively on the triage of these reports.

(But that may change over the next 3 months).


thanks for the clarifications :ok_hand:

So face center snapping was never part of the plans? :frowning: