Did the calculations for pixel samples change in 3.4.0?

In older code we have the session_params.samples for the session set to 16 and it does a fair pixel sample but in 3.4.0 that same number results in noise mixed with the texture pixels. If we increase to 256 then it starts to look like the old code at 16.

Is there some math adjustment we need to make to accommodate any math changes in the new cycles?

So it looks like branched path is gone. I am setting for infinite time but my pixel samples was 16 for the old cycles code. The only way I see fixing this is increasing that to 256. Is there some way to calculate old values to new values?

Branched path and also the squared samples UI option was removed in Blender 3.0 already one year ago. If you had 16AA samples and enabled square samples, then just take 16^2 samples now.

Thanks for the reply. I did notice squaring this does get the same result but render times went up. Took longer to render.