Dev seems to please people... how to go further?


First thing, I feel a bit stupid asking the following. But from a noob point of view, things are not self evident…

So, I’ve posted on right click select in order to have some feedback on two little devs. Here and here.

Their scores are not so bad, so that let me think it can be of some interest for Blender.

But from that, what should I do?

  • What is the process (above right click select or other) to have an official approval to submit a dev?
  • If ok, what is the good process using git?
  • What to declare “somewhere” to inform the code is available?

I’ve read some docs on the wiki and about git (included french version as sometimes english documents are not easy for me), but from theory to practice, I feel a real gap and am really afraid to make some mistake about all this.

Can someone help?

PS: if it is possible, having the possibility to exchange with a french speaking dev could be a real boost


The regular process for submitting patches is through Phabricator, you can find some information about the process here. Generally speaking, you generate a patch using git diff, upload it there and assign a reviewer.

Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend the New Developer Info page.

Thanks @lukasstockner97, that helped.

Now I’ve a diff, I know the page here but is that all? I mean, I’d like to add some information or documentation and warn “someone” about it.

Is it possible after clicking on the “create diff” button? How to do that?