Determining the correct libraries to build older versions of blender

Hi, I thought I asked before on this question, but my searching skills on this forum software fails me :frowning:

Is there an ‘official’ way to determine which prebuild libraries to checkout from svn for a certain blender commit?

I currently have a script that looks at the commit date, and checks out the precompiled libraries for that date (from a local git-svn mirror). But in the case of v2.92.0 this fails. The v2.92.0 tags is from 24feb. But in the libraries OpenColorIO is upgraded to v2.0 already on 12 feb. But v2.92.0 is incompatible with OpenColorIO 2.0.

So if I want to compile v2.92.0 (for bisecting something) I need manual (i.e. trial and error) trickery to get the correct library set :frowning:

Is there a way to determine which libs are needed? It would be nice if at least the released versions were tagged in the precompiled libraries repository as well.

Update your script to not grab tags but grab the trunk rev from the time of the commit?

Personally i work like this when bisecting, there’s only very few breaking lib changes, usually when you’re “close enough” you’d be fine, so i usually just have the v2.93/2/1 libs checked out simultaneously (each in their own subfolder) and just symlink my lib folder to the one i need, if building breaks, i just go down one lib version and i’d be good agian.

That could maybe work, I’ll look into it

I have all libs in a local git-svn repor, so switching is fast.

It’s just that I’d very much like something that works automatically and needs no manual fiddling during bisecting.

The way I do it now is I just build it, and if the build fails I checkout the next/previous lib version and try again.
This mosty works, but it’s far from a ‘reproducible build’.

But I’ll try following the tag back to the trunk and see what happens.