Cycles X - resumable chunk rendering

It’s best to submit it as two separate patches.


Hi, I’ve created the patch here ⚙ D13086 Cycles: Add sample offset option.


Thanks @pembem22 :slight_smile: really great to see that patch in the tracker!

Hi, I’ve submitted two patches for the merge operator.

After some testing I’ve noticed an issue when using sample offset and adaptive sampling together. Looks like sample offset option makes adaptive sampling ignore the required minimal amount of samples it’s supposed to do. To reproduce it you can just set the sample offset value to something large, like 100000, and noise threshold to 1. The result will have noticeable patches of higher sample count and the amount of samples in some areas will be as low as 1.

I’ve had no success yet trying to find how exactly sample offset influences adaptive sampling. @brecht @leesonw Would you know what could be the reason?

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I had a quick look and it might be that line 47 in intern/cycles/integrator/adaptive_sampling.cpp is causing your issue. When the sample offset is high is will immediately start applying the adaptive filtering. I think you might need to adjust this to take into account the offset.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at this.

Hi @brecht just looking at the latest version of 3.0 that I have downloaded from, the sample_offset setting is missing from the advanced section of the sampling panel and also from the python api.

Was this intentional? We’re using it in our work and intend to demo it to the community so we’re hoping this was just accidental, please let me know if it wasn’t?!


@JamesCrowther it’s in Blender 3.1. The patch was submitted after the new features deadline for 3.0, so was added to 3.1.