Cycles AMD HIP device feedback

@L_S I’m open to discussing it but lets transfer this discussion to the AUR package page. But, I doubt we can find a middle ground. Every user will have a different need for his GPU. The only easy way to cover all cases is to include the whole amdgpu stack (which is what opencl-amd and opencl-amd-dev does)

However it would be helpful to understand why Blender 3.2 needs rocm-llvm but the previous versions didn’t, so we can make the better decision.

I think amdgpu-install users still have a 4GB install size?

I’m not at my PC now but I think amdgpu-install is about 16GB+. Maybe someone using Ubuntu and amdgpu stack can verify.

It’s a problem with Arch’s Blender package I believe. I ran into the same issue, the official binaries from worked just fine with opencl-amd. I guess the official package ships with precompiled kernels while the Arch package doesn’t.


Thanks for the info you are 100% correct! I removed opencl-amd-dev and the official packaged blender 3.2 version renders in Cycles fine without kernel compilation (also deleted the kernel the arch packaged blender made).

Article by Michael Larabel :


Any news on Vega support and broken HIP kernels on Arch in 3.3 Alpha?

HIP on Vega linux hasn’t been addressed yet but as noted in the meeting notes, Vega (And Vega II aka Radeon 7) support is looking good for 3.3 on windows. We’ll push a change in a week or two.

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That’s good news for any Windows users out there.
What about Vega on Linux and HIP kernel build issues with Rocm 5.1.3? Vega is unsupported with proprietary drivers as well.


So basically, polaris architecture has HIP supporte but Cycles doesn’t support polaris architecture, right? If polaris support doesn’t happen, it means that we’re stuck in Blender 2.93 until we made a GPU upgrade? just trying to understand fr

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You are correct.

However, it is important to point out something. Polaris supports HIP, but it is no longer officially supported in recent versions of HIP, like the one used by Blender/Cycles. And as such I believe it is unlikely that the Blender foundation will enable Polaris support in Cycles.

Man this is devastating to hear, I spent all the money I saved on an RX 580! What a day to be alive LOL, anyway, thanks for the clarification

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Vega support for Linux and Windows has been added here: ⚙ D15242 Enable Vega GPU/APU for Cycles HIP

Seeing that this requires a new HIP SDK, do we also need a new driver to utilize it?

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We’ve tested on the AMD side with the latest already released drivers. Not sure if they would work with earlier ones.

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Will these new drivers also contain a fix for the RDNA1 texture bug (see: ⚓ T97591 Cycles HIP error with image textures on Linux and RDNA1)?

If you subscribe to that issue, you’ll be notified when there is a fix in the driver.

This is really sad news :frowning_face: It’ll be some years untill I’ll be able to invest into a new gpu card. I hope the landscape will be different and whatever I buy has support for more years.


Hey, I got a AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. Back when Blender still used OpenCL, GPU render worked okay, albeit only slightly faster than my Ryzen 7 3700X. Now, I cannot seem to get HIP to work. I’m on Fedora. I installed the latest driver built for RHEL (a relative of Fedora) because they don’t package it for Fedora. I had to hack my way through it, but managed to get HIP libraries installed. I open Blender’s settings and see that my card is not detected. For a sanity check, I built Blender 3.3 from source with HIP explicitly enabled in Cmake. Still, nada. Is AMD gonna fix their trash and maybe move their drivers from RHEL (a dead platform) over to Fedora?

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I’ve built Blender-git 3.3 Alpha from AUR with these changes and with proprietary HIP driver and mesa driver, and it works. I’ve rendered a textureless model, but it errors when I try to render a model with materials. It also worked in CPU+GPU mode, and so far Vega 64 is ~2.5 times faster than rendering on 5800X.

Should I report the material render bug somewhere or are you aware of it?

You could try this: mystro256/rocm-hip Copr
There’s also a SIG working on mainlining ROCm: SIGs/HC - Fedora Project Wiki

Be aware that even if you get HIP working in Blender, it’s kinda broken on RDNA1 GPUs right now and will require a driver update to work properly. No ETA though, sadly.

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This sucks :sob: I tried getting the driver to install for over an hour on Fedora. IG it’s a good thing I couldn’t get it to, because I probably would have been even more disappointed. Do you know of any communication channels with AMD where we might be able to check up on their progress?

I have no idea, sorry. AMD’s bsavery suggested to subscribe to this issue: ⚓ T97591 Cycles HIP error with image textures on Linux and RDNA1