Curve Spline Index options for constraints/modifiers etc


In the past I made a proposal on Right Click Select to allow the curve modifier to use any spline in a curve object instead of just the first one.

Originally I thought it would be easy since I was thinking in terms of the python api and I thought it would just be a matter of using a different index to get the other splines.

I have a working patch to allow this functionality. In the object runtime curve_cache only the first spline path was stored and used. I converted the path to a ListBase of paths so when the curve_cache is made it stores all splines of the curve objects. Then I can expose a spline index value for all settings that use the curve_cache path.

This effects many different modules of blender. Spline IK, follow path, array modifier, curve modifier, curve guide force field, etc.

Before I try and submit this as a patch I thought it would be better to get input if this would fit in blender.


My addon, ChainTools has an operator that creates a single curve object with multiple splines for each chain of bones selected. I’ve been thinking over making a patch like this myself, since it would make my addon a little nicer to use.