Current status of addons/

Hi there

Does any one know the current status of the import lwo plugin? I am interested in updating it for cycles, however the code looks like it has become stale.

Does any one know if there is a regression of tests available for this plugin? or if there are a list of golden lwo files that are used for conversion? I do want to update the plugin, but I would prefer not to break any current functionality.

I work in the work of software/hardware testing and regression (and yes tonnes of python) and I have a few ideas how one might do this, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if it has been done already. So if it does exist can someone point me to it. I have done a second level of searching and it is not jumping out at me.

I think this is the right group for this question, if not can a moderator reassign it as appropriate that would be great.

IMHO is too early to touch the addons for Blender 2.8x, the python API will be in stable mode in mid-September and it’s too late to update Blender 2.79B add-ons

Looking at the code this is not really a 2.8/2.79 question.

However, currently I am only asking about legacy tests, how might I update the 2.79 plugin only, if that helps guide where my question is coming from.

Knowing my luck by the time I have something is ready 2.8 will have dropped

yes, i understand your question, you have right, it is not related to blender version, but status ‘of addons/’ is end of update for 2.79B and not yet start to 2.8x I don’t think blender developers have an official regression test file for lwo addons, IMHO

To be honest, the lack of regressable testing for this plugin is what I expected, but I just wanted to confirm. Again I would like to decouple it from the rev. The last rev date on the code base looks like 2.57 so even getting something that works successfully from 2.57 to 2.79 would be a huge first step.

Let me ask another question.

Are there any other plugins, preferably of the importing mesh variety, that have a regressable flow and/or have sample/golden input files as a reference for the correct or preferred method of doing it blender?

See here for information about testing. We have some tests for fbx, obj, etc.

Personally I would recommend to focus efforts on improving and testing more widely supported and used file formats rather duplicating effort on many specialized ones.

Thanks for that I will review. I take your point on specialized formats, but I have some work lined up that requires this and I have negotiated that the output for my work can be merged back into the project, provided it is of sufficient quality to be accepted.

I would love to also investigate any issues that are open for obj and fbx. It is poor translation from lwo, lightwave, to obj/fbx and then into blender that has initiated a more native import from the lwo format itself.

I love working with blender so far but I do feel that the quality of the imports need to be improved. It is just finding the time and people to do it is tough.