Crowded areas in the interface

I feel that the upper-right corner of the 3D viewport is too crowded, and is even worse when the side-bar is expanded. Would it be possible to have the viewport-navigation-gizmo and view options at the bottom-right corner instead. This would also have the possible benefit of not being bumped to the left when the side bar is expanded. Similarly, maybe there could be more of a separation between the tool bar and the header as well. (my suggestion would be to have the toolbar centred on left side of the window)

Just a couple thoughts that I had that would clean up the interface a little…


The view options should stay, but the navigation widgets could potentially be moved. I don’t think that it would improve the situation much however. Setting the 3D Viewport Axis to Simple Axis is probably the best way to clean up the interface.

The viewport navigation will always jump if region overlap is disabled. Not sure if it would be any different with region overlap enabled - only because the space below the sidebar looks empty doesn’t mean that you can determine this easily in the drawing code for the navigation widgets.

Also, the widgets would jump more often when switching tabs or collapsing/expanding panels in the sidebar as opposed to once each time you open or close the sidebar (less frequently?)

The only thing which is really out of place in my opinion is the < widget to expand the right sidebar. Instead of placing it at a fixed offset from the top of the area, perhaps it could be located in the vertical center? And maybe not overlap with scrollbars like it does in the timeline editor:


Added a task here with some minor tweaks that could help a bit:

I think that it’s better remove the icon of the active tool. Users have the big active tools panel enough to know what tool they have selected.

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What does this mean?

Something like this, when users, also newbies, see that it change when they select other active tools it will expalin by itself