Create Pose Asset - Asset Browser

Seems like it would be simple and nice to incorporate an Update pose Option? Unless I am terribly stupid, which is possible, If I tweak a pose because of later posing I have to clear the asset and then make a new one when a swanky update pose right click option in the broswer or button to update currently selected pose would be awesome? I tried to search for a related topic didn’t find anything. Forgive me it I haven’t caught news of this as planned, or didn’t find the related thread.


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A pose asset is an action made of one keyframe by bone used.
So, basically, you can modify a pose asset by selecting it in action editor and overwrite keyframe.

A pose asset is not made from a keyframe. I can have 5000 pose assets and zero keyframes. If I tweak the pose, and re-keyframe it, it changes in the animation/dope sheet/action editor, but not in the asset library or asset browser which is what I am referring to.

Change the active edited action in action editor, first.
In action datablock list, there should be actions that have same name as pose assets.

So the answer is more work in a different menu related to the menu I am already in and can edit but not update. I would rather click clear assest
And type out the name again. But this also causes issues. For example, if I clear assest extrawork in the browser, then try to rename the new pose extrawork, it pops up extrawork001, but it will let you change it if you try again without numbers. But, you will get the old pose even if you’ve cleared it.

What’s the purpose of forcing the asset browser change on top the pose-library it you strip one of its most essential functions? Work should become less and have a better flow in newer iterations, not worse.

I mean, if you want to see what the pose looks like you don’t need a thumbnail you can apply it, it the update pose option is buried somewhere in the action editor now and I have to go looking for it? Animating without MoCap is already enough work.