Create new version of Blender for worked on a system "in-board"

a possible solution would be to use the part soldered to the motherboard which allows the display, to only make the 3d display and calculate them for kind all the rest by the processor and instead of recalculating, it would be necessary to make reused the old value (by saving them) then only replaced when they are changed, also, during rendering, it would be necessary to display (in full screen and without application in the background) only what is strictly necessary (in this case a number indicating the number of images exported out of the number of images requested.

all the things that have changed in the code before this line are to distribute the workload more evenly and try to reduce it.
the things after are to try to reduce the requested power.

set limits (chosen according to the computer) to the number of elements displayed in the 3d view and present in the doc.
make the view mode (with texture and shadow) usable only for rendering and for shaders.
decrease the resource numbers of the computer rented for the latter.
of course to do all the classics to save power.